Wheel Chair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball

It is a competitive team sport that is interesting and enjoyable to watch and practice. It is practiced by persons with mobility disabilities through wheelchairs that are designed according to the approved sizes and disability type. Practitioners are characterized by a high capacity for coordination compatibility, due to their ability to control simultaneously the ball, the chair, and bypass the opponent. The practitioners also have a high level of physical fitness.

Similar law of regular basketball is used in match management with changes in some aspect in a way that suits people with disabilities during the course of the match.

Omani basketball achievements

The Sultanate’s national basketball team achieved second place in the Gulf Cooperation Council Championship in the Kingdom of Bahrain (1999 and 2001).

– Achieved second place in the West Asia Club Championship in Jordan in 2018.

– Achieved fourth place in the International Championship in Morocco 2018.

– Achieved the fourth Place in the West Asian Games in Jordan in 2019.

Oman wheelchair basketball Championship 

The Omani Paralympic Committee organized the first edition of the championship in 2018 and the second edition in 2019 sponsored by Oman mobile.  Teams from various governorates participated. The championship played a prominent role in highlighting the game’s sporting talents, promoting it, and engaging Omani society. 

To participate in the experience of the joy of wheelchair basketball, you can contact:

Trainer: Yaqoub bin Saif Al-Nadabi (99339865).

The assistant trainer: Musa Al-Siyabi 96061636



Dr. Mansoor Al Touqi

Adnan Al Uwaidi


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