Launching the wind sailing program, “Sail Freely” for people with disabilities

The Oman Paralympic Committee and Oman Sailing launch the sailing program for people with disabilities “Sail Freely”

With funding from BP Oman, the Oman Paralympic Committee and Oman Sailing launched the sailing program for people with disabilities “Sail Freely” on December 2, 2019, which was designed to introduce the sport of windsurfing with the aim of enhancing their creative thinking skills, polishing the talents participating in the program and introducing them to the sport of windsurfing.

The inauguration ceremony was sponsored by Her Highness Sayyida Hajija bint Jaffer Al Said, Chairwoman of the Association for the Care of Disabled Children, and was attended by Dr. Mansour bin Sultan Al Touqi, Chairman of the Oman Paralympic Committee, in addition to the senior management of BP and Oman Sail at the headquarters of Oman Sail at Al Mouj Marina Muscat.

The program aims to select 105 participants of both sexes from different parts of the Sultanate, to be part of one of the three events held in the Sports City in Musanna and Tyre, and after the conclusion of the third and final event that will be held in January of the year 2020, 30 participants will be selected to participate in the second phase of the program. The chosen national team will represent the Sultanate in various international sailing forums and events.

The training activities for the participants enrolled in the program will be held at Al Mouj Muscat School and Sur Sailing School through RS Venture sailing boats for people with disabilities that have been designed to suit their abilities and skills in the sport of sailing, as these boats have been approved by the International Federation The Paralympic Games, which is the second largest international multi-sport event, in which athletes of varying degrees of disabilities participate.

In this regard, Yousef bin Mohammed Al-Ajili, CEO of BP Oman, said, “Investing in the human element is one of the most important priorities and commitments that we have been keen to work on over the past years. Disability “Climb Freely” as a new addition that reflects this commitment.

He added, “Sports and sailing in particular are a wide world that contributes to developing the personal skills of individuals, and we rely a lot on this program to reach positive results, as we have provided the necessary tools to enable participants in this program to practice sailing and introduce them to various technical aspects to ensure It is for the trainers to implement the program efficiently, while applying the principles of respect and inclusiveness that reflect the values ​​of BP Oman.”

For his part, David Graham, CEO of Oman Sail, said, “We are very pleased with the continuation of our partnership with BP Oman, as the shared visions in the community partnership programs resulted in the launch and launch of the sailing program for people with disabilities “Sail Freely” which is intended for new sailors who wish to
To start sailing and learn new skills.”

He added, “The sailors of the Sultanate participating in the Olympic Games in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi have demonstrated honorable achievements and successes, while work will be on the “Sail Freely” program in order to reach the Paralympic Games World Sailing in 2022. The program will also develop
The personal skills of the participants within the scope of the social responsibility initiatives.

On the other hand, Dr. Mansour bin Sultan Al Touqi, Chairman of the Oman Paralympic Committee, said, “We extend our great thanks to those in charge of this initiative, which will have good results, especially on the Paralympic sports scene. In order to raise the Sultanate’s name in regional competitions.”

The sailing program “Sail Freely” is part of BP Oman’s community investment strategy and within a set of projects the company is working on, which include long-term programs that develop job skills for graduate students while learning how to overcome and overcome the difficulties they face.