Para Athletics  

Para athletics was adopted officially in the Paralympic Games held in Rome in 1960 where athletes with amputations, visual impairment, short stature, cerebral palsy, and intellectual disabilities (learning difficulties) can participate.

Para Athletics comprises track and field events. The track events include short distance running, middle and long distance running, wheelchair events for short, medium and long distances. Para athletics includes as well road running races and marathon for wheelchair users. On the other hand, the field events include jumping and throwing events. The jumping events include long jump, triple jump and high jump and throwing event that comprises shot put, discus, javelin and club throw.

Para athletics is distinguished for its accommodative large number of participants, wherein athletes are distributed based on disability type following an internationally approved classification classes.

If you would like to discover your athletic potential, please contact para athletics coaches.

Types of Disability

  • Movement disability.
  • Short people.
  • Amputation in lower limbs and upper limbs.
  • Cerebral palsy sitting and standing.
  • Visual disability.
  • Mental (learning difficulties).


Coach: Sonia Mustafa 

Tel: 98169903

Coach Abdallah Al Ambari 

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